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About Us


     Ozver Aviation signed RRC contract with Pakistan Air Force, approved by the Ministry of Defense in 2001. Since then, supply and repair-maintenance services have been done  for the Pakistan Air Force in the field of aviation. In this context, an avarage of 8.000 different goods, from bolts to aircraft engines and propellars,  equipments are supplied and aircraft engines, propellers, gyros, landing gears, brake pads, etc. varieties of thousands of materials are provided for repair maintenance and overhaul for Pakistan Air Force per year. 

     Our company team has at least 40 years of experience in aviation / mechanical engineering, aircraft maintenance and logistics management, purchasing, procurement service and supply chain management.

     Özver Aviation has established strategic alliances with leading manufacturers and suppliers in the United States, and 12 different countries, who support us in meeting all material requirements that an air force may need.

   In the aviation sector, Parts repair and maintenance works were carried out in companies such as Sherwood company, and Pasific Propeller International, the only authorized propeller repair and maintenance center of Hamilton company. Although we work mainly in the USA, we have representation and maintenance contracts with many companies in countries such as England, Indonesia, Germany, etc


     Since aircraft parts are considered as critical materials, our company has obtained a block export license agreement from United States Ministry of Commerce with many companies we work with. Thanks to these agreements, the materials in stock can be shipped very quickly without waiting for export license approvals.

     In home market, we have agreements on repair, maintenance and overhaul with 1st, 2nd and 3rd Air Maintenance Factory Directorates stationed in Eskişehir,Kayseri and Ankara within the Turkish Air Force through ASFAT, and with industry leading companies and government institutions such as HAVELSAN. We have successfully completed many large and comprehensive projects such as the overhaul and maintenance of T-56 engines, revision and maintenance of the propellers of C-130 aircraft with these institutions and companies.

     Ozver Aviation is working with Alfa Freight which has proven its quality worldwide in the Freight Forwarder sector.

     Our fast and quality services, knowledge base, integrated industry partnerships and global inventory base are at your disposal.


     Özver Aviation is determined to be the primary source for each customer with the awareness of the necessity to meet the needs and requests of its customers in a correct, fast and accurate manner, and continues to work with the determination to be among the leading brands of the sector in the country as well as abroad.


     To be premier and trustworthy aviation company in the area of responsibility


     To provide efficient and cost-effective services in the right way and at the right time

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